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Our journey in SEO started 8 years ago as a traditional ‘Fully Managed SEO Agency’. During that time, we’ve helped hundreds of businesses across over 50 industries to grow their traffic online. This business still exists and is a market leader in its space.

One thing that we found however, is that about 40% of businesses who came to us, sadly couldn’t afford our services.

The reason this is sad isn’t because we missed out on a client, but because they were caught in a tough catch 22.

In order to get the services that they needed, they needed to invest. But in order to have enough funds to invest, they needed the result that the SEO would give them.

It was painful to see hard working business owners miss out on the growth that they deserved, simply because they couldn’t commit to $1,000+ each month for their SEO.

Here is how the traditional ‘Fully Managed’ SEO service works:

  • Each month you invest $1,000 + with an SEO provider.
  • They then spend a portion of that on doing different tasks such as optimising your website, building backlinks, and getting your brand out there
  • They then report on results and send you a list of things done.

The reason why the traditional model starts at a high price point is because they need to do so many different tasks in a single month to ensure your growth.

So – after a lot of hard thinking, and restructuring, we created DirectRank to help!

We broke down the tasks we were doing, and have created a ‘Road Map’ which you can follow to your final destination – page 1 of Google.

We then created individual services, which you can buy as many, or as few at a time depending on your budget.

So if you are starting out, and your budget is only $200/mo, then you can simply buy $200 worth of DirectRank Guest Posts.

This will then in turn, help your website climb the ranks, and as your business grows, your revenue will increase, and as a result, you’ll be able to invest more in your growth, and ride the upward spiral to achieve your goals.

Here is who DirectRank is for

  • 1

    Business owners starting out with a small budget who want to grow and know that SEO is right long term solution for their business

  • 2

    People with a side-hustle that they want to invest in over time

  • 3

    Shopify & eCommerce store owners who want to diversify their traffic and harness the power of free Google traffic

  • 4

    In-House Marketing Teams who simply need a little ‘push’ up the rankings.

  • 5

    SEO Agencies who are looking for a scalable way to grow their link building, and deliver their clients amazing results, without the need to hire staff or spend years building systems.

If this sounds like the right fit for you, then get started by clicking the button below to view our services and find out the best way we can help you.

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