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Boost Your SEO Rankings & Traffic With Premium Backlinks, From Real Sites, With Real Traffic, n a 100% manual way. – The Best Part? It’s Totally Done-For-You!

What Is DirectRank Guest Post?

DirectRank Guest Post is the easiest, most scalable way to get white hat, ultra powerful, contextual links to your website, to help boost your rankings and traffic.

Our dedicated outreach team will manually contact dozens of ‘Target’ website owners, until we find the right fit for your business. Then, we will negotiate a piece of content that will benefit their readers and be relevant to your business. Finally, our writers will prepare the content and get it posted live on the ‘Target’ website, including a contextual link back to your business.

These are enterprise grade links, that most businesses, and even SEO agencies simply can’t get their hands on. They give you a truly unfair advantage in the search engines.

Here’s how it works…

  • 1

    Provide basic information.

    All we need is your target URL, and your anchor text. Our team will review your order within 24-hours, and will then commence the process.

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    Outreach & Writing.

    Our outreach team will then contact site owners, and find a relevant site that fits the criteria. Our content writers will craft the content, and then get it published on the target site with a relevant, natural backlink with your selected anchor text included.

  • 3


    We will then provide you with a report ready to be stored for your records, or (upon request), a white-label report ready for you to send directly to your clients.

Here’s What You’re Getting When You Purchase Your DirectRank Guest Post Today

Only Pay For Powerful Links

Let’s face it – A DA 10 link is going to do NOTHING to improve your rankings. This is why we ONLY post on powerful sites. How powerful? 95% are above DA 30 – some as high as DA 80. And most importantly – all have real, organic traffic.

Training On Selecting Your Anchor Text

It's our job to be the SEO experts, not yours. Once you order you’ll receive full video training on how to select your anchor text to maximise the rankings you receive.

Total Transparency

We do NOT use any networks, ‘Fake’ sites, or any site that has had a ‘previous life’. This means you can provide proof of work to your clients, and feel rest assured that Google shouldn’t ever give you hassles.

The Safest Links Around

These are the exact same guest posts that are used in premium SEO agencies and have been hand picked to be the safest for your website.

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DirectRank Guest Post Pricing

Our pricing is simple.

We charge a flat rate for our guest post services. This will vary depending on Niche, as some niches are harder, and require more work to get highly relevant guest post’s placed than others.

Simply select the industry you are looking for in the form below, the number of posts that you are after, and checkout. It’s that simple.


Please use this form for the ordering of guest posts.

These are sites we generally already have relationships with so your link will be placed using another persons profile, however the link will reference which ever site you’d like, with the anchor text of your choice.

We do keep track of all orders in order to prevent using the same site multiple times.

In order to keep a natural link profile, our sites aren’t filtered based on dofollow/nofollow, but we do make sure that no more than 20% of your links will be nofollow.

Our selection criteria is based on sites that have real, quality traffic as verified by SEMRush. As well as sites that have strong DA & Trust Flow. We constantly filter and remove/add sites that fall outside of our guidelines.

Please allow 4-6 weeks to complete your order.

Please Note – All orders from within Australia will have GST Charged on top of the amount listed for each link.

All Prices listed are in USD.

We simply need the URL that you would like to link to, and the anchor text that you would like us to use. Click here to learn more about what these are.

You can submit any anchor text that you like. We recommend a non-promotional anchor text, with a partial match to the keyword that you are trying to grow. That is – Rather than including ‘Chicago Plumber’ try a variation with either just the location, or just the service.

This varies depending on the Target website. The minimum is 500 carefully crafted words. A lot of the time it’s 750-1,000.

Here are some hard and fast rules about what we DON’T do to make your life easy. If you don’t call into these brackets, then chances are you’re good to go.

  • Adult Industries (porn, services, etc)
  • Pharma Industries (male enhancement etc)
  • Gambling/Online Casinos
  • Foreign Niches (Non-english keywords)

Domain Authority is a score from MOZ about the SEO power of a website. On a scale of 0-100 (with 100 being Google itself), it rates websites in a logarithmic way (Where DA 25 isn’t 25% stronger than DA 20 – more like 80% stronger).


Each backlink that your website gets acts like a ‘vote’ of popularity. Each additional vote, regardless of the ‘social standing’ helps to grow your website. In fact, from our recent R&D, we’ve found that even sites with a lower DA than yours, if they are niche specific (like we do), can lead to a great improvement in your SEO.

We have a 90-day live guarantee. So if your link goes down, or gets changed within 90-days of your order completion, simply let us know and we’ll replace it.

Without getting to technical – we build links to your guest post itself, to boost its rankings, which in turn boosts your website. It’s like pouring rocket fuel on the fire!

Our average turn around time is 30-days for 80% of our Guest Posts. In many cases it is quicker than this, and occasionally it takes longer. We are dealing with other humans, and as a result we can’t guarantee how long they will take to respond.

This is a really important question, I’m glad you asked it!

You see, Guest Blogging isn’t something new to the SEO Industry, and as a result, a lot of providers who claim to be offering it, in fact aren’t.

What most providers in this space do, is rather than doing the hard work or manually reaching out to real websites, they own a network (PBN) of their own, and simply post on their own websites instead. The issue here is that this can leave a footprint, which can lead back to Google penalising your website in the future.

Further, many of these other ‘providers’ write crappy, cheap, barely english articles. Or worse, they spin them (use automated software to create them). The result – an article that doesn’t read well, and as a result, will get de-indexed from Google long term, resulting in a waste of your investment.
As with anything in life, you generally get what you pay for. If something is much cheaper, then chances are there are corners being cut.

We pride ourselves on using the best, native US english speaking writers for our content creation, and we have a complete in-house team who is constantly researching, finding and connecting with real website owners to ensure you’re SEO is as future-proofed as possible.

For this service you can’t. Our team has written thousands of guest posts and are highly trained ex-journalists, copywriters and english teachers, so you’re content is in good hands.

Definitely – Here are a few. ***Link to PDF with examples***

Guest Blog Outreach is one of the most powerful methods of building high quality backlinks.

It’s the process where we research and contact owners of websites and blogs that are relevant to your business & industry, and negotiate with them to write a piece of content for their website. Our team of writers then craft a piece of informative, value adding content which includes a contextual link back to your website in it. Finally, the website owner posts it, and we send you a report.

This is a wonderful question.

So traditionally, the SEO industry has always looked at ‘DA’ as the golden metric to determining the power, or ‘link juice’ or a website.

Over the past 12-18 months we’ve been testing sites based on traffic, rather than just DA, and the results have been great as well.

The theory is that if a site has traffic from Google, then it is seen as an authority in Google’s eyes.

The great news is that the two aren’t mutually exclusive – meaning, that most of the time, if a site has a strong DA, then it also has good traffic. The sites that have guaranteed traffic also have a strong DA.

We look for a balance of the two for all of our target sites, to ensure that regardless of which way is ‘more correct’, that your back links are future proofed.

This depends. We look for sites where the target site is getting views. Now most of the time you will receive some traffic, but the goal of DirectRank Guest Posts aren’t to drive traffic to your site directly, but rather to grow your exposure in the search engines.

Well, we already do! We don’t believe that there are any ‘right or wrong’ answers in SEO, so we already use both as a part of our 19-point checklist for all of our target sits.

Definitely. Just click here for a free SEO consultation.